John Dolphin Allen co-founder;  Producer, dramaturge, acting teacher.
Author, producer, poet, playwright. Also historian, inventor, scientist and explorer, he has led cultural exchange expeditions worldwide. (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; Fellow of the Linnean Society; Fellow Explorers’ Club).  He is the inventor of Biosphere 2. (
Kathelin Gray  co-founder , Artistic Director, acting teacher.
She has produced, directed, choreographed and performed in productions on six continents. She specialises in cross-cultural ensembles, experience the body as an element in the web of life, energetic transforms in physical, emotional and intellectual processes, and creating new work.

Marie Harding, co-founder .
Painter. Manager of Synergia Ranch Center for Innovation.
Chili Hawes, studio director, October Gallery, London.



The troupe of TAP is a network of practitioners, who carry their training and experience to enrich and envision their art, enterprises, ecological pursuits, and daily lives.